Regional Initiatives

The Workforce Boards' successful alliance is based on the knowledge that the metropolitan Chicago area represents a regional economy and, therefore, the challenges in developing a highly skilled workforce that meets the current and future needs of employers are shared across the metropolitan area and counties. Collectively the Workforce Boards are more effective in promoting the regional strategies and policies that address workforce needs, advocating for innovative practices that support such policies, and leveraging resources to address regional issues and advance change. Activities undertaken by the Workforce Boards of Metropolitan Chicago are designed to influence and inform issues impacting the quality of the regional workforce.

Regional Activities and Products

Activities undertaken and products developed by the Workforce Boards can generally be categorized as:

  • Workforce Development - resources and activities that support development of a regional workforce that possesses the skills and credentials needed by regional employers and that encourage the investment of resources in workforce preparation activities that maximize the employment prospects of the region's residents;
  • Targeted Industry Sectors - recognizing the unique workforce needs and challenges of the key industries that drive the regional economy, resources and activities provide valuable industry specific information that increases the workforce system's understanding of the industry and actively engages employers; or 
  • Data Analysis/Policy - reports and papers that provide regional data and analysis that supports informed workforce development and economic development decision making and formation of policy.